Warning, Use and Maintenance


Thank you for choosing KYT.

  • Before using the visor, carefully read these instructions. Keep them at hand for future reference.
    For further information, contact your Distributor or KYT.
    Use this visor in compliance with these instructions. Compliance with these instructions will make your visor last longer and will assure maximum product performances.
    Modifications and/or alterations to the visor shall make the warranty void and may jeopardize the safety requirements or make the product non compliant with the certification standards.
    All the KYT products are constantly subject to a continual improvement process, that’s why KYT reserves the right to make changes, without prior notice, to the products object of these instructions. It is therefore not possible to exercise any rights on the basis of the information, illustrations and descriptions contained in these instructions.
  • This visor was specifically designed to be used on motorcycles or cars (according to the specifications in the user and maintenance booklet of the specific helmet model the visor must be set on); KYT cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages due to an incorrect use of the product and/or for using the product in situations that go beyond the ordinary conditions of use or the modalities indicated in this manual and/or in the user and maintenance manual of the helmet model the visor must be set on.
  • Damaged visors may limit visibility especially at night and must be immediately replaced.
  • Colored visors must be used during the day only. They must not be used at night and in any case with poor visibility conditions. Some of these visors are not covered by any certifications. Therefore, they must be used on closed circuits only.
  • Do not apply paint and/or adhesives on the visor.
  • Only use original KYT accessories and spare parts or those specifically indicated by KYT for the helmet model used: this is the only way to assure reliability, safety and compatibility with the helmet used.
  • The use of non original components and/or accessories make the warranty void (refer to the following paragraph Warranty Conditions) and may affect the safety requirements.



  • 1. Remove the visor from helmet (refer to the user and maintenance manual of the helmet)
  • 2. Rinse visor with room temperature running water (warm)
  • 3. Wash visor with water and mild detergent using a soft cloth to remove any traces of dirt
  • 4. Rinse visor with room temperature water
  • 5. Dry visor with soft and delicate cloth
  • 6. Put visor back on helmet (refer to the user and maintenance manualof the helmet)

Make sure the cloth does not leave residues that could stick to the surface of the visor after washing.
Do not use paper cloths to clean or dry visor.
Do not expose visor to heat sources to dry.
Do not use particular detergents (prepared solutions, creams, etc.) even though classified as “suitable for visors” that are not directly marketed by KYT.
During cleaning operations handle the visor with care so the anti-scratch and anti-fog superficial coatings are not damaged.
Do not use solvents, alcohol, oils or abrasive powders. These materials are aggressive and could jeopardize the structural resistance of the material or scratch thevisor thus reducing the mechanical and optical properties.


Refer to the user and maintenance booklet of the helmet which the visor will be set on for instructions on how to fit and remove the visor.
The visor must be cleaned and controlled periodically. If the visor is dirty and/or has bad scratches on the surface there could be unusual light reflections or deviations, which may jeopardize safety.
Immediately replace the visor if there are such problems.


  • The visor must be opened by using the upper and lower edges. Do not open it using other areas to avoid causing accidental damages (scratches or lines) or dirtying the field of vision.
  • After fitting the visor verify that the visor is tightly fixed to the helmet, that it rotates freely and that it locks correctly in the locking positions.
  • If this doesn’t happen and/or the rotation mechanism of the visor doesn’t work correctly, do not use the helmet.

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