It’s developed and optimized in the most famous tracks of MX World championship.

2 Shells

Helmet Size Available: from XS to XXL.


The outer shell is made of tricarboco fiber, a mix of kevlar, carbon and fiberglass with different weights/breaking loads, that linked up with aramid resins ensure a lighter, harder, safer and impact resistant shell.

Racing Approved

Developed and optimized in the most famous tracks of MX World championship.

Mask fit

The perimeter of the window is designed to offer a wide field of vision and at the same time guarantee comfortable housing for the most varied types of motocross goggles.



The air intakes have been designed to increase internal comfort: the air flow is channeled into the internal shell through 4 large front openings protected by solid metal grilles.

Comfort liners

Breathable Textile

Inners are made of fine and soft fabrics in fiber that ease the air flow, maintaining dry and fresh the part in contact with the face.

Washable comfort liner

Cheek pads and internal shell are washable.

Removable inners

Cheek pads and internal shell are completely removable.


Visor Features

The peak has an elongated, protective profile and it’s easily adjustable to multiple positions without using tools.

Adjustable Peak

Adjustable peak with a wide range of motion.


The KYT R&D department created a package of solutions that enhance active and passive safety.

Double D-Ring

The system ensures stability, safety and strength. The strap features Double D-Ring in light alloy.


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